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Feeling tight and inflexible? Are your muscles aching when you play golf?

Felicia Canepa LSSM ITEC MISRM
Orange Therapies

Feeling tight and inflexible? Are your muscles aching when you play golf?

Feeling inflexible or suffering from niggling muscular pain are common complaints that I hears from golf players in my sport massage clinic.

Every sport causes a degree of muscular strain or injuries, but this should not stop us from playing our favourite activity.

The most common complains I come across are:IMG_2718

  • Back pain caused by the rotational stresses of the swing, possibly compounded by underlying postural imbalances
  • Tendinitis in the elbow (golfer’s and tennis elbow) due to irritation and subsequent inflammation of the tendons around the joint caused by the repetitive movement of hitting the ball
  • Shoulder and upper arm pain most commonly caused by straining the rotator cuffs muscles whose job is to keep the shoulder joint in place
  • Neck stiffness due to muscular and myofascial tightness causing movement restrictions
  • Hip pain often related to tight muscles in this area as well as the legs and lower back
  • Feet, ankles and knees pain caused by the rotational force of the swing against the need to keep footing and balance.

Whilst improving your swing mechanics, using properly fitted equipment and having a regular warm up and cooling down routine is paramount to prevent injuries: professional soft tissue therapy treatments can help you improve your performance and give you that confidence and the edge to enjoy golf for many years to come.

Soft Tissue Therapy also known as Sport and Remedial Massage can help you with:Sportmassage

  • Improving flexibility and range of motion by freeing the body tightness and tension
  • Reducing muscular aches and pains before and after events
  • Speeding up recovery from injuries and preventing them

I am a qualified and experienced Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy practitioner who has been treating golfing injuries for the past 10 years. A typical treatment starts with discussing your concerns and a brief assessment, following with the sport massage itself. I use a variety of massage techniques depending on the presenting condition and my aim is to treat your areas of concern and thereafter keep you injury free with maintenance treatments, simple advice and exercises. For more information on the treatments, please click here.

Picture of FlikI practice on Thursdays and one Saturday a month in East Grinstead at Meridian Osteopath, Railway Approach. To book your treatment with me in East Grinstead please call 01342 326708 or book on-line at meridianosteopath.uk

Weekly appointments are also available from my home clinic in Crawley Down www.orangetherapies.co.uk. Please call 07941 711092 to ask for availability.


“As a long time sufferer of lower back, tight shoulder and neck muscle discomfort finding a professional to treat and relieve the pressure with clinical sport and deep tissue massage was a great relief. Whether golfing, working at a computer or, heavy gardening, I found muscle tightness an issue. A three weekly visit to Felicia during the past four years has proved an enormous benefit leaving me less tense and more flexible. Long may my treatment continue which I recommend to all fellow sufferers.”
John F. – East Grinstead