Reflexology for fertility and pregnancy related issues

I am trained in Reproflexology© which is a branch of Reflexology that specialises in pre-conceptual care and the treatment of infertility, in particular for couples undergoing assisted fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF/ICSI.

I am happy to treat women and men at any stage in their fertility planning, whether they are enhancing their general health before trying for a baby or experiencing problems with conception.   On a physical level the treatments can tackle medical conditions that may be present such as PCOS, sperm deficiency,irregular periods and more. Psychologically Reproflexology© can reduce stress levels and help address the complex mental and emotional facts which may be affecting your fertility.

Reproflexology© can work well with couples undergoing fertility treatment with conventional medical practitioners as it enhances their therapies and boost the chances of success. In fact many private fertility clinics recommend Reproflexology© whilst under their care.

Initial consultation

There will be an initial consultation to discuss your medical history and information on any mainstream fertility treatment being undertaken, together with details of your diet and life-style.

Based on this initial consultation you will be offered a course of prescriptive reflexology treatment. I may also recommend a number of different products which you might find beneficial to both prepare for pregnancy and to boost natural fertility levels. I do not benefit financially from advising on these products.


The treatments usually take place on a weekly basis and are approximately 30 minutes long.  I will be working on specific points of your feet depending on the presenting conditions.

Please get in touch with me via email at or call me on   07941711092 to discuss your needs before booking your initial appointment.

Packages are available for pre-conceptual care, fertility and pregnancy related treatments.