Soft Tissue Massage Therapy (Sport Massage & Remedial Therapy)

Are you training for your next sports event or struggling with an old injury?
Do you feel inflexible and experience muscle tension and ache?ssage Therapy (Sport Massage & Remedial Therapy)

If so, you can benefit from a Sport & Remedial Massage treatment. Also known as Soft Tissue massage, this therapy is the assessment, treatment and management of muscle, fascia, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments injuries, pain and dysfunction.

 Sports massage helps you to:

  • Recover faster from your training and events
  • Reduce muscular tension
  • Treat aches and pains
  • Eliminate soft tissue restrictions
  • Prevent / rehabilitate injuries
  • Address postural issues

By forming an integral part of your training, regular sports massage treatments can:

  • Enhance your sports performance and keep you free from injuries
  • Make you feel lighter and freer in your movement
  • Give you that confidence and edge to enjoy your sport for many years to come

As part of the treatment we will explore areas of restriction / dysfunction, range of motion, proprioception and coordination testing, review of your stretches, warming up and cooling down routines, as well as advice on remedial exercises to help improve your performance.

 What to expect at your first appointment:

Your first treatment will be at least 1 hour long. After discussing your concerns and a brief assessment, we will start with the sports massage treatment. A blend of massage therapy and techniques such as neuromuscular, soft tissue release, muscle energy, fascia release, acupressure and trigger points therapy may be used to achieve the best results.  Medical acupuncture and kinesio taping is also available.

We will end the treatment by showing you a couple of stretches to take away with you so to help yourself at home.

Following appointments may be 1 hour or ½ hour long depending on the response to the previous treatment.

  • 60 minutes – £50
  • 30 minutes – £30 Shoulders & Neck or Feet & Legs
  • Packages for 4 bookings or more are available, please enquire.
  • Gift vouchers available
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You might be able to claim your treatment fees if you or your spouse are receiving health insurance. Please check with your insurance first.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours notice of your booked appointment time will incur a charge of the full fee of your scheduled treatment. No shows or no notice cancellations will also be charged the full cost of the treatment.

What clients have said following a sports & remedial massage treatment:

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 3 reviews
 by Sue S
Gentle massage

I have been visiting Felicia now for over 2/3 years. I have tried lots of therapists for reflexology but she is by far the best. Just the right amount of pressure but no pain, just a wonderful sense of well being. My feet just seem to feel like they are walking on air when I depart. Her gentle massage is also extremely good and she is the only one that has helped with my tight muscles around my shoulders, especially in winter months when I play golf. I would have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful, caring lady. A thorough professional, through and through.

 by John F

As a long time sufferer of lower back, tight shoulder and neck muscle discomfort finding a professional to treat and relieve the pressure with clinical sport and deep tissue massage was a great relief. Whether golfing, working at a computer or, heavy gardening, I found muscle tightness an issue. A three weekly visit to Felicia during the past four years has proved an enormous benefit leaving me less tense and more flexible. Long may my treatment continue which I recommend to all fellow sufferers.

 by Tom B. – East Grinstead

I am surprised at the difference I can feel after the treatment - my legs are so much lighter and the hips feel looser. I like the fact that Felicia explains what muscles she is treating and why. I also feel very involved in the treatment process as we explore together new stretches or how to improve my technique